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What others think about the Gold Conference

I went to my first Gold conference you had in Perth in 2018 and I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was very informative, and the guest speakers like Jeff Berwick definitely were very informative.

I’m a builder and I would recommend to anyone investing in gold to go, and for those who don’t know about Gold, this is the best way to learn about Gold and how much it can and will return for you in the future.

David Savietto, Director Sovereign Building Company / Future Home Living

If you are interested in investing in gold (and you should be), then you simply have to attend The Gold and Alternative Investments Conference. Kerry Stevenson and her team bring together the entire Gold industry, from explorer, promoters, mine developers, to gold producers, and bullion dealers – so every investment opportunity is covered. Importantly, it’s all done over an informative and entertaining few days.

Rob Murdoch, Founder, Austex Resource Opportunities


The gold conference is always informative and helpful for investment decision making. If you are at all considering an investment in gold or related industries you will find it a very useful overview of all that is happening.

Chris Kendall, CEO, Aretex

Congratulations and thanks for putting on a great conference in the most adverse circumstances imaginable and for letting me be part of it. I had a great time.

C.P, Keynote speaker